Hungary –  Dr. Imre Téglásy tells us that on 25 March their group celebrated the Day of Unborn Babies in Hungary.  The festivities for the Feast of Annunciation began with a special Mass in Várpalota led by Archbishop of Veszprém, after which the priests blessed 60 roses symbolizing 6 million children murdered by the abortion dictatorship in Hungary since 1956. A procession followed to a city park during which a death bell was rung as many times as the names of unborn babies killed by abortion were read out.  A hole was dug in the park as a “tomb” for all of the unborn victims who died at the bidding of their Hungarian mothers.

After Dr. Téglásy gave a memorial speech, plastic models of unborn babies wrapped in white blankets were buried in the grave and then covered with petals of roses.  A “Tree of Life” was planted as a symbol of hopeful prayer for the future.  The commemoration was covered by the National Radio Network “Chainbridge,” national and local TV stations, and the county daily newspaper “Veszprém Megyei Napló.”

(In: Human life International – Family Facts, March, 2008)